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As more users fall prey to a phishing or spear-phishing mail attack, anti-phishing software has become a critical piece of technology for organizations everywhere.

In a phishing attack, users receive an email that seems to come from a legitimate source or a trusted sender. The copy asks the user to reveal login credentials like usernames and passwords, or sensitive information like bank account numbers, credit card information and Social Security numbers.

What is spear phishing? Spear phishing attacks take this hacking technique to a whole new level, targeting specific individuals with information gathered from social networking sites that allows the hacker to appear to be a colleague or superior. CEO fraud phishing uses email that appears to come from the CEO or another C-suite executive.

Because phishing attacks exploit user behavior, most programs for anti-phishing protection involve training for users on how to spot phishing attempts. But with more than 90% of successful hacking attacks beginning with a phishing email, organizations need to offer employees more than phishing tips if they want to avoid a security breach.

MTS IT Solutions Fights Phishing For You

Our self-learning, AI-driven email security platform continuously  detects and remediates advanced threats like BEC, credential harvesting,  account takeover and more in your company's mailboxes.

Defending against today's advanced threats requires a new approach to email security. MTS IT Solutions best-in-class email security platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, and is enhanced with threat intel of thousands of customer security teams to detect and instantly remove threats in the inbox.

It's fast to deploy, easy to operate, and is unparalleled in stopping all types of email threats, including advanced attacks like BEC, ATO and more.


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